Supporting Women through Pregnancy & Birth

My name is Bubbles Segall, a doula based in Melbourne.  I have extensive experience in women's health having worked as a community health nurse, midwife and family planning nurse for many years.  As a doula I become part of your birth team and bring with me a wide range of skills and knowledge about the birthing process. It is my goal to help mothers learn to trust their beautiful strong bodies and trust in birth. The moment that a baby is born is joyous, magical, wondrous, and it is my wish for mothers and their partners to experience the birth of their babies as fully as possible.


It would be an honour to have the opportunity share this time with you.  I will work to support you to birth where you feel confident, informed and surrounded with love, care and respect.  


Member of Doula Network Australia                                            


 Extensive experience as a Midwife, Community Health Nurse & Family Planning Nurse 

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