Our first meeting is usually in a public place which is convenient to both of us. It could be a cafe, library or park.  The purpose of this meeting is to get to know one another and to see if there is a good fit.  Here I find out how your pregnancy is going and  your expectations of having a doula at your birth. We will also cover issues such as fears, likes, dislikes, needs or any concerns you may have. The meeting typically lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. At this time I will also give you my Doula Package which outlines my services and includes the booking form and agreement for you to read through.


If you decide to work with me, we will then schedule a second meeting which gives you a chance to talk in detail about your preferences regarding your birth and look at ways to support your goals.

I offer an optional visit to meet your medical provider or any friends or family you plan to have present at your birth. We may also decide on other meetings if required to reinforce information we have discussed at our previous meetings.  I will remain in touch by phone and/or email in the weeks leading up to your birth.


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Email: bubbles.doula@gmail.com

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